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Transform your Body, Relax your Mind, Empower your Spirit

You’ve made the most important decision of your life. Whether you want to run a mile, or have loftier goals, such as running a marathon or competing as a bodybuilder, Power Fit LLC can design a fitness program that will keep you comfortable in your own skin and help you maintain a stress-free and active lifestyle. No matter your age, body-type, or level of fitness, you will find everything you need at Power Fit LLC.

Have you hit a plateau in your exercise program? Are you bored with your current fitness routine? Is it time to make some lifestyle changes? Let’s change that today. Whether you’ve taken a brief hiatus from the gym and are trying to get back in gear, have never stepped foot inside a gym, or recently moved to Columbia and are looking to join a new gym, we’re sure you’ll find success at here. When you join Power Fit LLC, you will benefit from a team of dedicated trainers, instructors, and staff members who will be by your side every step of the way to guide you to your goals.


"Dave's meticulous attention to detail when it comes to your form is something I haven’t experienced anywhere else. I’ve had three personal trainers before Dave and he has by fair motivated me the best. The atmosphere that he creates in his gym is one of positively, motivation, and perseverance. And his apprentice, Shawn, is also a top tier trainer. I would definitely recommend this gym to anybody looking to take their fitness to the next level. If you have a goal, you will meet it at PowerFit."
— Eric Cole

"David Jones is fantastic! I've been training with him regularly for months now, and I've never felt stronger. He's very knowledgeable, and he's really good at handling multiple clients at a time. More important to me is that he's very personable and easy to work with. I've never been someone who just enjoys going to the gym, but I actually look forward to our sessions."
— Rebekah Jorgensson

"If you are looking for a highly skilled, knowledgeable, supportive trainer who listens intently and customizes workouts to fit your goals, AND GET RESULTS, you need to stop by Powerfit LLC for a consultation. I've been training with Dave at Powerfit for five months, and I could not be more satisfied with the service he has provided. I walked in with a very specific fitness goal with a hard stop of only training once a week for that aspect of my fitness regime. Dave has crafted tough, do-able workouts for me that clearly show his exceptional understanding of anatomy, physiology, and sports science. I changed almost nothing in the diet and exercise I do on a weekly basis, and after having my body composition measured with a Bod Pod recently, I found that since starting to train at Powerfit, not only had I lost 8.2% body fat, I had increased my resting metabolic rate (RMR) by over 200 kcals/day, lost 13.8 fat weight lbs, and increased my fat free weight by almost 28 lbs. But personal training isn't just about results. It's also about attitude and comfort. Dave is a fantastic listener and an extremely positive, motivated individual. He is always supporting me even when I start to give up or slow down, and more importantly to me as an older guy, makes sure to make constant assessments of my abilities throughout my workouts, regardless of how many customers he may be training at the time, in order to maximize my physical well being, output, and long-term physical health. Powerfit LLC is the real deal. If you have a fitness goal, then you will be walking into the right place!"
— Jonathan Jorgensson